Kelilah King


Goal of this project was to design a smart city app to help a "problem". Catch is an Apple Watch designed prototype application for surfers to have a better surf experience in the ocean. This futuristic prototype would allow surfers to connect with one another in the water, check water/weather conditions, and link it to your apple health. The video link below is the second part of this project that I built in after effects for a promo video for the app prototype.


To test out interactive app copy & paste this link:



stampede cocktails

Goal of this project was to design a food packaging concept. Stampede Cocktails is a handcrafted drink for people looking to have a bubbly, lime mojito at the beach. The Seabreeze Mojito collection consists of the flavors; Pineapple, Lime, and Coconut. The fishnet attached to the bottom comes from the yacht Stampede, which has sailed all over the world.


Liminal Refuge

This project was a Senior case study on people dealing with depression & anxiety. I wanted to create a place where young adults could have a “safe space” to draw together in community and find healing within nature. This space I designed would exist In Australia in the Kakadu National Park. It would exist as a large jungle gym for adults, where festivals could also be held at. This play area would have rock climbing, aerial, painting room, nature incorporated inside for people to climb, and a tropical maze. My design consisted of a brochure with a watercolor map of Liminal Refuge. I prototyped a package design of little boxes that come with a compass inside & the brochures. The boxes are attached to rope for people to wear around their neck so they can adventure inside Liminal Refuge!





This project was designed for a prototype UI/UX design conference. The goal of this conference was to inform the audience in how to approach life with a "flâneur" life style and apply moments in life that make us human to UI/UX design.




2017 Seattle/King County Homeless Young Adults Dashboards

This dashboard project was focused on the research of 2017 Seattle/King County Homeless Young Adults with an emphasis in chronic homelessness. Four dashboards were designed to represent the data in this extensive research. The data in each dashboard displays the number of sheltered vs. unsheltered in this category of chronic homelessness. They show charts of various health conditions young, homeless adults struggle with especially those who are chronic.